Try to be in bed by 9pm so you can arise and start your day when the day actually begins. Midnight is the start of the new day and getting 5 hours of good, uninterrupted sleep is enough to get you going (you can nap later on in the day if needed.) I wake up and begin my day by 2am. Now some days you can sleep a full 8 hours but who wants to spend 56 hours of time a week, asleep when we’re on a mission to pursue purpose? Time is something we cannot get back, waking up earlier allows you to have more time in a day to execute efficiently and in excellence because you’ll be in a good space by starting your day off in a paced positive way.

* Allows you to take time for self, say your affirmations, command the day & connect with God through prayer & silence.
* Allows you to get you off to a better start and prepare for the day. If you have children, you will be in a better mental space when they arise by 6am or 7am.
* Allows you to work out, stretch and get your momentum going, especially if it takes you awhile to get going in the mornings. You have 4 hours to get your life right!

There are so many benefits to an early rise. LAZINESS & COMFORTABILITY will keep you sleep and in a dormant state. PEEEEELLLLLL yourself out the bed if you have to but know in the peeling, you are shedding the old you to become the best version of yourself that you envision and want to be! In the end, you’ll be thanking yourself later for what you start today because ONLY YOU can get you where you want to be!

It has worked for me & I know it’ll work for you!❣️ #thoughtsofhunni
COMMENT BELOW if this sounds like a good idea or if you have a habit of waking up early to have some “ME” time & a good day.

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