ElLi AmoR is a ONE OF A KIND Handcrafted GIFT company that specializes in exclusively designing Beaded Bands, Body Jewelry, Personalized GIFTS and Keepsakes for Men, Women & Children.
Our Brand thrives on Faith, Strength, Love & Hope. We believe that if you enter each new day and carry these Pillars with you along your journey through life, you will become unbreakable.
We create beautifulaccessories and tangible tools that are vibrational, inspirational and elegantly designed. We have found our creations to be effective in aiding individuals along their spiritual and healing journey through life. We believe everyone is finding their way through that works best for them. We know these tools can transform your life and shift the mindset.
The energy we handcraft into our creations are inspirational, vibrant, bold, elegant and unique. Expressive Art & Color Therapy became the staple and source of why our brand was created. "Handcrafting Jewelry has been a therapy and valuable outlet that aids me in continually balancing life out."
"Searching for your higher self puts you in the right direction to actually find self, observe self, learn self, love self and live in the authenticity of who you truly are everyday!" - HunniRae

a lifestyle brand that empowers & inspires through Vibrational Beaded Jewelry & Tools.

We love Handcrafting and designing. ElLi AmoR is a GIFT Boutique specializing in Personalizing for the ones you love.

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