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What is your true purpose? What are your true values? What are your true desires?
If you’re reading this and feeling unsure of the answers, then this book is a great place to start.

Due to the societal challenges that Black women face, spiritual self care is not always a priority. However, it’s these very challenges that make spiritual self care such a necessary support tool. Black women deserve the time and space to seek a life of meaning and purpose.

Use the book to get your started on your journey of self discovery. Utilize the tools and activities to connect with your inner self, then bring that person to life.

What's included in the book?

  • Spiritual self assessments - find out where you're at to understand where to go (and track your progress along the way)
  • Self discovery questionnaire - gain clarity on your life’s path and apply creative solutions to get you where you want to be
  • Other self discovery activities including, 'Your Life Purpose' (find out how your passions, values and gifts align to determine your purpose in life) and 'Be You, For You' exercise (understand your self identity and how you can live authentically) plus lots more!
  • 52 week planner to schedule a little bit of love and attention for your soul every day
  • Spiritual self care ideas to implement in your journey
  • Weekly guided journal with spiritual prompts to check in with yourself, reflect and unload your feelings

Continued planning and journaling builds self awareness, reinforces positive habits and also keeps you accountable for prioritizing small self care habits in your daily life.

Do you know a Black woman that needs some help with her life direction? This book makes a great gift for loved ones!

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